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March 2004 Archives

March 4, 2004


Sign my guestbook please please please please please!! I'm actually not pleading. I mean sign it. I get curious as to who might have found there way here so if you have 30 seconds, please fill in an entry. Thanks! In a rare case that you cannot find the link to sign my guestbook, look below the menu.

March 6, 2004


The new layout is up. Enjoy!

March 29, 2004

New Domain

I've registered for a new domain name at www.dot.tk for the sake of having a simple URL. Click Here to have this page reload under the new domain, then click Ctrl-D to bookmark the new address. So why www.patt.tk? My name's Patrick, Pat for short. Patt still sounds like Pat but also my last name is Tong hence the extra T. You can read it as Patt or PatT. The pronunciation of PatT lead me to choose pattee as my screen name. Utterly useless information to know but I thought I'd make this entry a bit longer.