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New Location

This website has moved from to


New Domain

I've registered for a new domain name at for the sake of having a simple URL. Click Here to have this page reload under the new domain, then click Ctrl-D to bookmark the new address. So why My name's Patrick, Pat for short. Patt still sounds like Pat but also my last name is Tong hence the extra T. You can read it as Patt or PatT. The pronunciation of PatT lead me to choose pattee as my screen name. Utterly useless information to know but I thought I'd make this entry a bit longer.



The new layout is up. Enjoy!



Sign my guestbook please please please please please!! I'm actually not pleading. I mean sign it. I get curious as to who might have found there way here so if you have 30 seconds, please fill in an entry. Thanks! In a rare case that you cannot find the link to sign my guestbook, look below the menu.


Thinking About...

This site probably needs a new layout. I've been adding content and the pages are getting messy.


Happy Chinese New Year

It's the year of the Monkey. Best wishes to all. Time to collect some red pocket money. Ready... set... go!


Empty no More

There's some content under each link from the menu as of today. There still isn't much but everything is set and ready to go.


Grand Opening

Light the fireworks, bring out the champagne and cut the ribbon! The skeleton of this site is complete. There's really no content yet but I don't care. The site works! It works it works it works!


home profile photos portfolio blog links