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Sign my guestbook please please please please please!! I'm actually not pleading. I mean sign it. I get curious as to who might have found there way here so if you have 30 seconds, please fill in an entry. Thanks! In a rare case that you cannot find the link to sign my guestbook, look below the menu.

Posted on March 4, 2004 11:36 AM

Comments (3)

I have found my way here your page.

Roger Wentzell:

Hey Patrick!! You need to add some more sections to this site, ones that may benefit me, if you know what i'm saying...

Barb Stephans:

Hi Patrick: Are you the person who posted video of your hamster escaping a cage?

If so, I am hoping to talk with you. We might like to include it on an Animal Planet show.

How can I reach you?

My number is 818/333-8155.

Thanks so much!